Kindred Spirits
1. Mrs. Gunn's/Sweet Molly/Wise Maid
2. Miss Gordon/Craigellachie Lassies/Mrs. Drummond
3. Tunes from the Western Isles
4. Highland Mary
5. O'A' the Airts/My Luve is like a
Red, Red Rose
6. Roy's Wife O'Alldivaloch/Aldavaloch
7. Miss Elspeth Cambell
8. Mrs. Stewart's/My Wife's a Drunkard/Susan Cooper/A.S. Scott
9. Bonny Jean O'Aberdeen
10. Brown Milkmaid/Bewitching Eyed Brown Maid
11. Rebecca's Hymn
12. Kindred Spirits
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Her exceptional control when bowing, her ornamentation and her marvelously rich double-stopped drones produce an authentically moving, almost keening, sound.

~ The Scotsman, Edinburgh