Soft May Morn

1) The Seagulls of Scarba/How I Passed the Winter/Fair John's Sister/St. Kilda Dance
2) Oh, Tis Me that is Wounded/Lamant for Clan Ranald
3) They Stole my Wife from me Last Night
4) Sad is My Soul/A Doo-a-dee I Went/The Battery Rock/The Red Brook
5) My Step is Heavy/One Day I Travelled the Moor
6) Dargo
7) Soft May Morn/Islay and Kintyre/Early on a May Morning
8) Joyful is the Crossing/Gloom Upon my Soul/Och o ro u
9) The Vale of Keppoch/Clay Port
10) Lord Reay/Ha-da-lolal/The Lad's Cairn/Hobgoblin/Gruagach
11) Rocks of the Peak/The Maid of Edin
12) Cold Night/Shrieks and Cries of Woe/Noon in the Deep Blue Sky
13) The Man of Corrie/My Love is Fixed on Donald
14) I Am a Thrush of Clan Donald/My Slept is Sound
15) Brown-haired Maiden of the Goats/The Tower/Beloved Little Sister/Neither Shall I Go to Loch Broom
16) McIntosh's Lament


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Her exceptional control when bowing, her ornamentation and her marvelously rich double-stopped drones produce an authentically moving, almost keening, sound.

~ The Scotsman, Edinburgh