Celtic Circles
1. North Highland Tunes
2. Pipe Major William Wilson
3. Mary Do It Again/Cross Roads/Jig in A
4. Lament on the Death of Sor Blanca Maria
5. MacDonald, Lord of the Isles/Romance Air
6. Gillie Callum/Highland Rant/Ryan's Rant
7. Air to which Ossian is Recited
8. The Boat Hoisted the Sails/Gone to Sea
9. Bog on Lochan/Drowsy Maggie/
Sleepy Maggie
10. A Mother's Lament/Aisling
11. Flo'ers O' the Forest
12. Yell Yell
13. Prince Charlie's Farewell to Scotland/Winyadepla
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Her exceptional control when bowing, her ornamentation and her marvelously rich double-stopped drones produce an authentically moving, almost keening, sound.

~ The Scotsman, Edinburgh